Experience Iclandic contemporary art by visiting The MULTIS project where you can enjoy a tour of Icelandic art, visiting our office and exhibition space. One of our artist will be on site where he/she talks about his/her work.

At MULTIS guests are invited to participate in a performance where they send and receive thoughtforms according to the instructions of the artist, Steingrímur Eyfjorð.The work contains a vase that has a gold glazing which escalates the effect of the thought and a linoleum print with the instructions of how to send the thoughtforms. 

The performance is based around the work Hugform / Thoughtform that has its origins in the experiments of Robert Hanham Collyer in the book Psychography from the year 1845. In the 19th century, the first steps in psychology were inseparable from spiritualism and mesmerism. 

The sender sends a picture from his mind of water and darkness to build the communication which is defined as thought transference. In the original experiment, molasses was used. The recipient sees in his mind the image sent by the sender. The operation is rooted in older phenomena where looking at the surface of water or something that connects to the subconscious has a long history. 

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