Nafn / Title: Vasar / Vases
Ár / Year: 2020
Efni / Material: Printed plexiglass taken from the inside of a computer screen.
Stærð / Size: Size: 28cm x 35cm
Upplag / Edition: 6  + 1 A/P x 3



85.000 kr.

The piece Vasar, especially created for Multis, is a computer drawing of Vases , printed on plexiglass taken from the inside of a computer screen. The texture of the plexiglass and shape give the vase a feeling of being somewhere between 2 and 3 dimensionsl.

Symbolically and literally, the vase is an open form. It may be the most fundamental symbol that represents how we create meaning through our interactions with objects and form. It is a vessel, a form that echos the female body, and that requires human interaction to have meaning.

The viewer comes to the work and the work asks the viewer to place their own ideas, history, pathos and bathos within the object they’re looking at.

It’s an honest allegory of what looking at art always is.

A meeting of minds. Up for interpretation. Much the way the internet functions. The web that the computer screens these works are printed on used to project.

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